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Much like "The Power" trailer that has been restored previously, "This Ain't No Game" is presented in the "open matte" style, giving fans a look at footage from the film that has never been seen before. For a more detailed description of the whole process (in addition to an imbed of the trailer video itself), check out the full article HERE !

The music video , directed by Lionel C. Martin , chronicles the rapper/singer's woman problems. [8] [9] At the climax of the video, Biz Markie's character stumbles upon a girl he was trying to date – not his girlfriend – kissing another man she had previously referred to as "just a friend". [10] It also includes a scene of Biz Markie singing the chorus dressed as Mozart in 18th-century clothing with a powdered wig in a candlelit room while playing the piano.

Mario - Just A Friend (2002 Remix)Mario - Just A Friend (2002 Remix)Mario - Just A Friend (2002 Remix)Mario - Just A Friend (2002 Remix)