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On a tour of the coffeehouses, a 1943 Jaguar pulled up and it was a 19-year-old David Crosby . Crosby drove them to a club where he played with his brother, Chip Crosby, joined on-stage by Mama Cass Elliot . Fred Neil came in the next night. Simultaneous with this, Linhart auditioned for Tennessee Williams , and Williams ' office immediately called to invite Linhart to be on staff as an actor for the entire season. That same evening Linhart saw Fred Neil and Neil asked Linhart to play vibes with him. "I called Tennessee Williams ' office the next day, I was young and didn't quite realize what was happening...I wanted to play with him [ Fred Neil ] so badly that I called Tennessee Williams ' office back and said, 'Could you please tell him I'm very sorry but I can't work with him this season [laughing now at the absurdity of what he was doing] but I certainly would enjoy working with him some time in the future.'" So he joined the folk-rock scene "and started really starving." He began hanging out with Tim Hardin , Fred Neil , Dylan , "it was crazy the quality of music we were exposed to."

In 1963, he moved to New York City and became friends and roommates with John Sebastian . He also became a protégé to the senior guitarist and folk singer Fred Neil . One of his first bands, with fellow musicians Steve De Naut , Serge Katzen , and Max Ochs , was Seventh Sons , who released a raga-rock LP for ESP Records . Buzzy later released a series of solo albums from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s starting with his Philips debut buzzy (the title with a small "b") in 1969.

We are also lucky that we have come to know of the talents and energy of Bill Black, an audio engineer par excellnce with a keen interest in audio restoration and the music of the 1960s and 1970s . Bill has digitized and in a number of cases restored for us these and other recordings, so that we now have an abundant archive that includes quality recordings of Buzzy’s work from 1965 to the present. We will be augmenting the ARCHIVE from time to time. Material available for licensing appears in the CATALOG section.

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