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The genus Digitaria Haller (Poaceae) is one of the most diversified genera of Poaceae in Senegal with 19 species. Although it has a worldwide monograph of the genus, the identification of species remains difficult and mainly based on the characteristics of the reproductive system. This work, which is a review of the genus   Digitaria in Senegal, is undertaken in order to search relevant characteristics on the vegetative system and to improve the identification of species. To do this, a detailed description of the various organs of the studied specimens is carried out using a binocular microscope. The results of the study show that the pubescence of the spikelet is an essential characteristic for the identification of species. Moreover, the relative lengths of the upper glume and lower lemma are very interesting for the discrimination of species closely related. However, the additional study of vegetative organs of the adult plant shows that some vegetative characteristics could contribute considerably to the improvement of the identification of species. It is the biological cycle, the pubescence of the ligule, the margin of the leaf blade, nodes and internodes of the thatch which are characteristics easier to observe. A key of determination based on vegetative and reproductive characteristics of species is thus worked out.

In 2015, after twenty years of operation, HELIO International decided to discontinue its in-country activities. It now concentrates its resources and knowledge through this Creative Commons website. HELIO’s methodologies, indicators and tools remain available to all; to be used in promoting ecodevelopment through better decision-making and planning in the energy sphere.

Various - Sénégal - Une Journée Chez Les BassarisVarious - Sénégal - Une Journée Chez Les BassarisVarious - Sénégal - Une Journée Chez Les BassarisVarious - Sénégal - Une Journée Chez Les Bassaris